About us

We are a leading data driven mobile  performance powerhouse company for brands and agencies across the globe.
Our proprietary technology allows our clients to reach an engage mobile users. 

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What we do?

We empower our partners with sophisticated, state of the art, technology solutions at scale that make it simple for brands and agencies to connect with target audiences, in a fraud free environment. Our predictive Real time Bidding gives your brand edge over your competitors and help you reach your customers first.

How we do it?

With our proprietary technology, we analyze your in-app data to understand how users interact with your app.
We use machine learning, fast decisioning algorithms and robust technology to predict the actions of future purchases, improving efficiency and accuracy by optimizing data points received in real time to match required KPIs.
Our technology allows us to build a powerful prediction analysis to retarget and acquire sales generating customers using high quality, relevant and targeted ads.

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Why us?

Because we are tech driven, our technology provides seamless data processing to make intelligent and smart decisions in real time across over 100TB of data daily.
Because we are focused on results, crosschecking all data processed to optimize return on ad spend for our advertisers.
Our team – Industry experts, that know the game, providing resources, support, analytics and feedback at every stage. Because we meet the specific goals of our advertisers by unifying the power of machine learning with unique approach for every vertical.
Because we provide reach at scale, user acquisition, and high-quality inventory in a seamless predictive bidding ecosystem.

The Fraud Issue. Our Top Priority

Taking care of our advertiser’s ad dollars is our top priority,
and for this we have created a very solid and robust multi-layer in house technology apart
from partnering with top Ad Fraud detectioncompanies in the space.

Automatic Detection

24/7 real time monitoring
irregular metrics, discrepancies and unusual
performance in campaign data.

Block Defense

Our technology identifies, and rejects
activity produced by click spamming fraud,
while delivering real time feedback
about untrusted activity. 

Automatic Real Time Blacklisting

Our tech will blacklist malicious
publishers when red flags are detected,
including sophisticated malware as
click bots, click spamming, injection, incentivized
and fake impressions.